Buildings & Grounds Committee is charged with maintaining all the facilities of St. Luke’s, the Committee is composed of 8 to 10 parishioners who meet once a month to discuss and evaluate general maintenance and repair needs, as well as longer-range capital improvements for the church, the parish house, and two other local properties owned by St. Luke’s. New members are welcomed. Contact: Tom Pugsley (

The devoted members of the Garden Committee are responsible for maintaining the planting beds around St. Luke’s church. The group is made up of parishioner volunteers of all ages, who tend the garden lovingly and meticulously, ensuring the beauty of St. Luke’s grounds during all four seasons.

More help is enthusiastically sought – please contact Anne Van den Bergh ( or Lisa Stryker (

The Kitchen Committee provides weekly care to our church kitchen—the site of so many activities, from Sunday Coffee Hours to food prep for the Soup Kitchen. We not only monitor supplies and equipment, but take part in an annual major “clean-up”.

Contact: Valerie Kent (

Church Decorating Committee

A team of parishioners is responsible for decorating the altar and the sanctuary at Christmas and Easter, and for transforming Anne’s Chapel into a Garden of Repose during Holy Week. The floral decorations are always beautiful and generally spectacular. Afterwards, by long custom, the arrangements are taken apart and delivered to members of the parish who are shut in or otherwise unable to get to the church. Easter bulb plants that are given as memorials are not distributed, but are planted in Anne’s Garden so that they can bloom each spring.

Contact: Lisa Stryker (