St. Luke’s is part of the Episcopal Church and the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

Our worship is participatory. We believe that it is not just the clergy or leader who should pray; liturgy is the “work of the people” or the praise of the people.  Our beautiful liturgies and prayers come from The Book of Common Prayer. Our choir and congregational hymn singing make full use of the musical heritage that has developed around the Anglican Church.

The principal Sunday service at St. Luke’s is the Holy Eucharist (or Holy Communion). The first part of the service focuses on readings from Scripture and the preaching of the Word, which leads to the celebration of Holy Communion. This is the Sacrament taught to his disciples by Jesus at the Last Supper – the sharing of bread and wine as a living remembrance of the body and blood of Jesus Himself , sacrificed on the cross for the redemption of our sins. We offer two Sunday morning services: at 8 am our worship is quiet and reverential, utilizing Rite One Holy Eucharist that has traditional (Thee/Thou) language with no music. At 9:30 am our worship is Rite Two Holy Eucharist which uses modern language, full choir, and concurrent Sunday School for the children during the first half of the service. We also offer a Sunday evening service at 5:00 pm which has a varied contemporary service format, either a communal fellowship with a meal and Eucharist, or praise music with a teen-friendly sermon and Eucharist. Occasionally our Sunday night service is one of evening prayer in the form of either Taize (musical meditation) or Choral Evensong (musical evening prayer with full choir).

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