Life in the Spirit and Living the Reality of the Resurrection – Bible Study with Kent (in person at the church or via Zoom) resumes on Mondays starting Sept 12th at 12:15pm and the Men’s Bible Study resumes on Saturdays starting Sept 17th at 8:45am.  We will be looking at these practical and relevant themes for our lives and our faith as we study chapters 13-16 of I Corinthians.  Some of the questions we will be investigating include:  What are the gifts of the Spirit and do I have a spiritual gift?  What reason is there to believe that Jesus rose from the dead and what difference does it make to my life and my faith?  Then in October we will be focusing on Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy and explore the relevance of the gospel to the present world circumstances and lives.  All are welcome – no previous Bible Study knowledge or experience required.  Questions or to join contact Kent at or 908-334-2942.

The Monday Noon Bible Study takes “a deep dive” into the Scriptures. Led by a member of the clergy, this study takes into account the historical, cultural, literary and theological contexts of the Biblical passage being studied.

There is much discussion and an emphasis is placed on how to apply the timeless teachings of Scripture in our lives today. This study gathers at the church on Mondays at Noon, and begins about 12:15 PM after informal fellowship. It ends at 1:30 pm. All are welcome and bring a lunch with you, if you wish.