St. Luke’s Village is open to applicants 62 years of age or older. A married couple may apply if one spouse has reached the age of 62. All applications are considered on their own merits without regard to race, religion, sex, or national origin. We ask that applicants be independent and able to vacate the premises without assistance in an emergency and be able to take care of their daily needs such as meals, bathing, shopping, etc.

Applicants are required to submit an Application.  Prior to admission, the Medical Information Completed by Physician will be required and it will have to be performed by a physician acceptable to the Eligibility Committee.

Only approved applicants are eligible for residence at St. Luke’s Village. Guests are allowed for a temporary stay of no longer than ten days and can’t exceed thirty days per year. Of course, temporary nursing care is an exception. Sorry, but no pets are allowed.

Applicants must fall in the low-to-moderate income guidelines for Somerset County, New Jersey and they will have to be financially responsible. Prior to acceptance, an ongoing sponsor must be appointed for the applicant. This sponsor will have to guarantee payment of all monthly rent and maintenance expenses if the resident is unable to make payment.

To maintain the high quality of our residents we ask that each applicant have two letters of recommendation; one being from a non-relative. Each applicant will have to sign a statement of understanding and intention of meeting the criteria of St. Luke’s Village upon acceptance.

Finally, through the Visiting Nurse Association of New Jersey, St. Luke’s Village may require an updated examination of a resident from time to time. Should a resident’s physical condition change, the sponsor will be notified and the medical prognosis will be reviewed. There is a waiting list for the village.

For more information, call Kate Deans at 908-328-1039.

Deposits and applications are to be mailed to:

Kate Deans, PO Box 4, Peapack, NJ  07977