Worship at St. Luke’s is built around the beautiful liturgies of the Book of Common Prayer. In almost 500 years, the language of the liturgies has been revised many times, most recently in 1979. It is because we have these liturgies – with their structures and their prayers – that our worship is so participatory, led by clergy but always allowing a large role for the congregation. Complementing and augmenting the liturgies is the other principal component, which is music. Singing hymns and psalms, led by a fine choir and a distinguished organist, is one of the great joys of worship at St. Luke’s. We even take the prayer book liturgy and utilize it in a new way with contemporary music and screens at our 5pm Intersect service held on most Sunday evenings.

You may prefer simply to be a member of the congregation, to sit in the pews and take part in your own chosen way. Or you may like to be a more active participant – to join one of the worship ministries, which are very active at St. Luke’s and include people of all ages, from children to seniors. Whether it’s to sing, or to ring hand bells, or to read, or to usher, or to be a member of the Altar Guild (which prepares the various items for worship), or one of the teenage acolytes at the altar, there are many ways of getting involved.