The Crossroads Newcomer Gatherings are presented in 4 modules: 4 stand-alone gatherings.  These four Crossroads Gatherings are repeated and on-going, sometimes they are offered on a Sunday morning and sometimes they are offered for an evening.

All newcomers, visitors and interested parish members are invited to come when you can.  You do not have to attend one before you can attend another. Take them in any order you choose. Each module will have time for meeting and greeting and a presentation by our rector Kent or by a member of our clergy.  There will be opportunities to meet other newcomers as well as members of the St. Luke’s Parish family.  Come learn, fellowship and share the journey!

WHAT DO WE BELIEVE AS CHRISTIANS AND WHY? Are you curious about what the fundamentals are that we believe, such as we say in the creeds, and why do we believe them? Are you interested in growing in your understanding of Christ? Then you might want to join us at Crossroads Sessions.

CROSSROADS ONE—A gathering for Newcomers and interested members of St. Luke’s. On Thursday Evening, October 3rd, 7:15pm to 8:45pm. New to St. Luke’s? Ever been to our Crossroads Class for newcomers? This is the first of four modules in the St. Luke’s newcomer orientation class that will be offered regularly and repeated every year. Crossroads One is all about faith, the Christian life, spiritual growth and what we believe at St. Luke’s and in the Episcopal Church. All are welcome to attend. There will be wine and cheese provided and light refreshments. Please contact Regina in the church office or tell Kent if you plan to attend.