Altar Flowers

It is a tradition at St. Luke’s that the altar flowers are funded each Sunday by donations made in memory of family members or friends. Those family members or friends are always included in the Prayers of the People on that Sunday. If you wish to make such a donation, please call the Parish Office at (908) 234-0002.

The Memorial Garden

Adjacent to Anne’s Garden for Little Children, the Memorial Garden had its beginnings in 1972 “as a place for the burial of the ashes of parishioners”. The official parish history, “The First Hundred Years”, published in 2000 for the centenary of the church, describes it thus: “In the center of the garden is a large stone on which stand bronze birds in flight, depicting the Resurrection. A tablet on the wall contains the names of all those whose ashes are buried in the garden in chronological order of burial. No dates are given, in the spirit of emphasizing the eternal Now. Many parishioners have contributed memorial gifts as well as their labor and love to maintain the beauty of the garden.”